utthita trikonasanaYoga posture Utthita trikonasana is one of effective methods for dealing with fat deposits in the area around the waist, better known as “love handles”. The practice of this asana also stretches back, hips and legs.

The implementation of position and stimulates organs in the abdomen and improves the process of digestion. Furthermore, this posture of yoga strengthens the spine and can help relieve back pain.

Asana is also a way to eliminate stress and helps prevent osteoporosis. Regular practice it is useful to relieve the feelings of fear and anxiety.

Steps to perform the posture:

It stands in an upright position as the feet are wide apart.
Rotating the right leg of about 90 degrees to the right, while the left is also rotated slightly to the right. The burden should be distributed evenly on both feet.
Inhales and exhales as he should raise his left arm toward the ceiling and bend your body to the right. We should make sure your right knee does not shrink, and then attempt to touch the right foot with your right hand.

As he inhales, the left hand should be placed over the head, eyes turned to her fingers. The position must be held for a period of several deep breaths consecutive.
Release of asana, body and exhale slowly return to an upright position.

The implementation of this posture should be avoided by people suffering from diarrhea, low blood pressure and headaches. It should not be practiced in case of heart problem